Innovative robots which are born to reduce the human pressure

  1. Robots that assist in stocking at supermarkets

The robot called Tally has been recently introduced by the Robot Company named Simbe, which is aimed to support controlling the stock of grocery stores. In terms of function, this robot is not only able to notify the grocery store owners when they are running out of some items but also to recommend the ways of advancing the store.

According to the company claiming this robot to be the most innovative one at the moment, Tally is capable of taking control over the grocery stores by such processes as checking price, defining the shelves which are low on stock as well as detecting whenever an item is running low in the stock. More precisely, this robot is designed with the ability to complete all the tasks above by being integrated with many sensors that can record even the most detailed information about the goods saved inside the store.

After all, the grocers can spend more time on taking care of the clients rather than just paying attention to monitor their stock.

  • Robots that are able to recycle old smart phones

Recently, Apple introduced a new product which can satisfy customers by disassembling a wide variety of parts in an iPhone. The robot is included with 29 arms, with the name of Liam. For the reason that the brand Apple is an organization caring for every detail of recyclable items, Liam is designed to work with all parts of recycling materials.

  • Robots which are able to clean your kitchen

Rollin Justin is a new intelligent robot which can be put to use in your kitchen when it comes to cleaning responsibilities. At the first glance, this robot is rather like a human and sits on wheels so that it can move around to complete the tasks.

Thanks to this robot, users do not have to worry about such household missions as gathering rubbish or cleaning the floor. It is able to absorb, gather garbage, clean liquids on the floor and even sweep broken items away easily. What is more, the robot is not only used in your kitchen but also taken advantage inside your vehicles.

To put in a nutshell, this humanoid robot seems to be an indispensable item of your futuristic home, in which you may be too busy to take care for the hygiene.

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