Useful technological ideas to take advantage in your daily life

  1. Wearable items that help track your activities

Understanding your problem of calculating and noting down what you have done every day, this new wearable device called Memoband was born to help this process become more convenient and easier than ever.

First and foremost, this device operates by detecting your location so that it can take control over the time you are spending on completing a task in a specific place automatically. In other words, you will be capable of estimating how long you have spent on office work, going out with friends or family and so on, which seems to be really convenient in this busy life.

Last but not least, this wearable device can be tailored to your needs so that you can be better at managing your daily life whenever you want to.

  • Apps that help manage your daily tasks

As far as we know, managing all the tasks we have done during the day seems to be so out of reach. Therefore, this new organizing application is born to be an effective solution to this issue.

Taskful is the name of this app which can distribute your daily tasks into smaller parts so that you can manage them easily such as what should be completed in this day or what is about to reach the deadlines. In terms of operation, the app is integrated with an intelligent technology to help people deal with their problems. For instance, if a user sets their goal of walking about 2 thousand steps for a day, this app will have the ability to keep track of their steps in an automatic manner while motivating them to finish other tasks such as submitting the work to their boss before 9 P.M or visiting the doctor on time as well as drinking enough water in a day.

  • Tracking your activities with technology economically

There have been a wide variety of wearable devices on the current market, yet this Misfit Flare tracker is going to provide you with an easier usage in a more economical way. This tracker is a moderate-size device which includes a button integrated with a LED light. All the information will be recorded and delivered directly to the accompanying app via the metrics simply and quickly. The battery can be replaced easily after about four months of using.

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