Study better with technology help

  1. Homework analyzing apps integrated with artificial intelligence

Dealing with a lot of assignments is a boring mission and children often opt for ignoring those questions and keeping on playing games on their tablets. Understanding this common problem, the homework application called Socratic was born to solve. It is able to prevent your children from being distracted by other things. In addition to explain the answers to users, the app will support your kids to entertain themselves while learning so that they can widen their knowledge in an interesting way.

First and foremost, this innovative application will take advantage of the camera to capture a photo of a question that is difficult to your children’s knowledge. After that, this homework app will provide the children with necessary details about that question in order to let them try out answering it. By this way, children will practice to be more intelligent and flexible when it comes to answering difficult questions. They should know that there are not always available answers and it would be better that they can use explanation to find the answers on their own.

  • Headphones to eliminate noise

Headphones which are able to block noise are already available on the current market; however, this innovative headphone called the Jlab Audio Flex is a new technological invention that can stand out from the crowd.

First of all, the item is able to reduce the outside noise by even up to 94 percent so that users can take advantage of it up to 60 hours of listening while they do not have to concern about the noise caused by traffic jam or people.

Today, there has been a trend that people opt for living in cities or crowded areas due to such reasons as economy and development or entertainment and this has led to a fact that the amount of noise, distraction is being increased day by day. Such technological device as this headphone will become a demand to help cancel noise for those who want to escape from the annoying noise and distracting sounds. They want to focus on their working, some others would like to finish their assignments on time to meet the deadlines but they can not because of those disturbing noise. Thanks to the solution, from now on they do not have to worry about that. Last but not least, the headphone is so compact that it can be folded within a few seconds while you do not need to use.

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