Shopping experience is now more interesting than ever thanks to technology

  1. Payment systems with your smile

As you can see from the reality, artificial intelligence technology has been widely adopted in most fields. Understanding the trend, Alipay is going to apply this technology into the KFC stores in China. This new payment system is designed to activate payment processes via smiles, with the main purpose of making payments a more secure and interesting experience for customers in all retailers.

The technology is called Smile To Pay, which will help customers feel more interested in this fast food store. But it is just the beginning, in the future they hope that the system can be applied in every kind of store. At first, customers need to input their phone number and let the system scan their faces so that it can prevent theft more effectively than ever when it comes to paying the bills by using a card or a smart phone application.

  • Checkout systems using facial recognition technology

Currently, there are a lot of shops which have adopted self-served checkout systems already. Nevertheless, regarding products with aging limitations, customers are still asked to work with a sale assistant to make purchase so that the new station Yoti is designed to deal with the issue.

First and foremost, this innovative application is able to remove an ID check by replacing it with the facial recognition technology. When purchasing an item which has aging restriction, Yoti will display a QR code scanning on the screen at the checkout bar for users to swipe the code so that they can verify their identity before making purchase.

  • Shopping experiences with augmented reality technology

There has been a new futuristic augmented reality experience of shopping integrated with intelligence glasses, photorealistic functions as well as eye-scanning features.

First of all, this shopping experience is equipped with augmented reality technology so that shoppers will have a chance to view their desired items in a digital way prior to deciding to buy them. Thanks to this solution, customers will be able to view other similar choices which are also in the store as well as receive many suggestions or detailed information about a lot of different products.

After deciding what to buy, customers will make money transactions in a simpler and safer manner thanks to the integration of Master Pass and Identity Check Mobile, which will make them enjoy shopping more and increase the profit for the shop owners.

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