Shopping becomes more interesting due to the help of technology

  1. Ideas that help checkout process at supermarkets more rapid

Recently, a software company has introduced an innovative application to help checkout processes at supermarkets quicker instead of letting customers wait for so long until their turn. As far as we concern, waiting until your turn of checking out at a grocery store while being very busy is so annoying and time consuming. Understanding this problem, this app was born in order to eliminate waiting time and gain the comfort while doing shopping.

First and foremost, the app is named as You Beep, which is able to decrease the waiting times by up to 70 percent. In terms of operation, the app is similar to a normal smart phone application whose main feature is self-scanning. The feature can help customers scan their items on their own, instead of waiting for a cashier. Thus, this also helps grocery store managers cut down the expenses spent on hiring more staff because clients are now able to check out by themselves.

In conclusion, the innovative app is so useful when it comes to both advancing the services and satisfying consumers.

  • Local Labelled Products

As you go shopping at a grocery store, you may want to seek for such labels as gluten-free ones, sugar-free ones or organic labels. They are too many to check them all so that this newly released label Localize was designed to deal with the problem. In general, this label is a method to let shoppers know they are holding an item that is locally made.

In order to define how local the item is, Localize will make a full assessment of where it is grown, how it is produced and even whether the added value remains in the local economy or not. After all, all of the information will be recorded at shown on the labels and if you are curious about these local features, you can scan them to receive more details.

  • Shopping applications taking the ideas of self-scanning

Today, many shop managers would like to reduce the waiting times of checking out process while gaining more security and satisfaction for their customers. The new app called Queue Hop is designed with the main purpose of changing the way we do shopping thanks to radio identification, security tags and scanning using QR code. Customers are now able to serve themselves with the most comfort and convenience.

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