Paying your bills without any physical contact

  1. Watches used to assist in contactless payment

The watch company Swatch has collaborated with the most leading banks in China to introduce its innovative Swatch Pay, which is aimed to assist in contactless payment process. First and foremost, Swatch Pay takes advantage of the four newest smart watches which can be utilized only by placing on a platform at store and downloading an application, which takes only a few minutes. Thanks to this technological process, customers are now able to make contactless payment conveniently and easily, which seems to be a big expectation of many consumers because they are sometimes too lazy to bring the cash along with them.

In spite of the fact that there have been a lot of wearable items which are designed to support contactless payments, these new ones are considered to be fashionable with many attractive colors and appealing designs so that customers of all ages can pick their own choice.

  • Hubs that are designed to help contactless payment processes

There is a new technology named Visa sticker which provides customers with a chance to make every item in their own homes become a payment hub. This idea works by integrating both credit cards and smart phones of users in order to generate a contactless payment method so that users are now able to make purchases while they do not have to carry a phone or a credit card along with them.

More clearly, the stickers can be used by being put on any device and instantly turn that item into a payment hub used for checkout process. This system is very convenient to take advantage so that Visa company could make sure that retailers will not run into trouble when supporting customers with their checkout processes. As a result, clients will feel more satisfactory than ever when doing shopping.

  • Make contactless payments with keys

The DS Automobiles has recently introduced their new payment device, which is only a normal car key but is equipped with more useful capabilities.

This connected key is integrated with the bPay platform, which can support users when it comes to making contactless payment at various retailers that provide them with contactless payment ability. After all, this added value of the key is aimed to turn the shopping process of many busy customers into a more convenient and worry-less one.

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