Pay for your cup of coffee quickly with daily objects

  1. Paying your coffee bills through phone cases

The big name of coffee Starbucks is now allowing their customers to pay for their glasses of coffee through only a tap of their phone cases thanks to an accompanying application. A technological organization based in Japan has recently collaborated with this coffee brand in order to release the interesting innovative phone case.

In general, this application will provide customers with an opportunity to make order for their beverages as well as paying for the bills conveniently and easily through their smart phone. What is more, this app is also able to keep track of what the users have purchased at the coffee shop.

There are a lot of different designs of this case so that customers can pick out their most favorite one. However, currently this case is only available in two stores in Japan and just compatible with iPhone 6. It is expected that the case types could be varied more in the future.

  • Wearable devices to pay for your coffee bills

If you are the one making use of Android operating system as well as a frequent customer of Starbucks coffee shops, it is an interesting chance that you do not have to bring your cash to have a coffee now after the release of Wearbucks, which is a new technological method to help you deal with paying process conveniently.

First of all, there is an accompany app for you to download onto your mobile phone without any fee. With this app, you can register as a customer and get a card number from Starbucks. The way by which you are able to pay for your bills with this mobile app is that everything could be achieved only with one time of scanning your wrist. In spite of the fact that this newly released app is not truly innovative and high technological in comparison with another apps introduced by Starbucks, it is also a unique and useful one in case you do not have enough time to find your wallet in the morning.

  • Key chains used to pay for your coffee bills

Again, Starbucks has introduced a new product called Starbucks Touch the Drip. This product was a result from the partnership between this coffee brand and a fashion company located in Japan whose main aim is providing clients with a fashionable and novel method to pay for their coffee glasses.

As you can see from the title, this method is a key chain which is linked to the member cards as well as the mobile cards on smart phones so that clients can take advantage of the small accessory to pay the bills.

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