Ordering a cup of coffee is now more interesting with innovative technologies

  1. Coffee platforms activated via voice

The big name Starbucks is now taking advantage of voice recognition technology invented by the Amazon to apply into its new platform called My Starbucks Barista. Thanks to this innovative application, customers are able not only to order their coffee cups in advance but also to make these orders by using their own voice.

Starbucks has been so well-known for its own payment application which helps customers make purchases for their cups of coffee conveniently and quickly. This new Barista app is an extension, it is integrated with the voice control technology whose ability is also ordering the previous items again.

According to many people, having coffee for breakfast is becoming a must. As a result, this voice function is an ideal method for busy drivers to make order for their own glasses in advance while they have to deal with traffic jam.

  • Payment applications for your cups of coffee

The app named Timmy Me is a newly released method for you to make purchase directly through your smart phone.

In spite of the fact that payment cards are so popular due to its convenience, it is rather inconvenient when it comes to keeping it in your wallet and remembering not to lose it. Therefore, the app Timmy Me is reaching beyond that convenience of cards.

More precisely, this app comes with Passbook so that you can easily check how much money you have, which you were not able to do with a normal plastic card. Thanks to the app, users are capable of setting up their balance in an automatic manner so that they do not have to worry about bringing cash along with them for coffee.

  • Cellular Coffee Apps

Starbucks Card Mobile app is another platform from this famous brand, which helps you deal with problems when you do not have enough to pay for your cup. For those who love Starbucks beverages, this app is becoming an indispensable part in their lives.

Users with smart phones are now given an ability to pay directly through this accompanying app just by clicking on the button named Touch To Pay conveniently and quickly. From now on, they do not have to be so confused when they accidentally forget to bring their wallets, which can make them shy in front of many people.

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