Newly released shopping technologies

  1. Payment systems taking advantage of QR code

A famous clothes business called Inditex is making plan to apply a technological payment idea to their shopping systems through making use of only smart phones and QR codes. In order to use this service, customers only need to scan their QR codes for the first time at store terminals and from now on, they can pay for their bills while even not having to bring money.

This service is called In Wallet mobile payment system, which will be installed in many famous brand shops such as Zara, Pull and Bear and Dutti.

Despite the fact that using QR code is not too new in terms of contactless checkout processes or wearable devices, there are still not much application in stores, especially clothes ones. With this new invention, customers are given a chance to access QR code technology easily in their daily life.

  • Digital handbag shops

Galeries Lafayette is the name of a store located in France which sells handbags and is going to turn the processing of shopping for their bags into a more convenient and satisfactory one after the introduction of their first digital kiosks.

First and foremost, these stores are able to help clients take a handbag with an integrated NFC tag and place it on a table simply to receive detailed information about it through the shop’s website as well as checkout options. Customers who have already created an account for this shop can pay for their bags conveniently and immediately by signing in their account. More especially, customers are also provided with a chance to have their bags delivered directly to their doors the next morning.

  • Mobile Payment Ideas

The famous cosmetics brand Innisfree has released an innovative idea in China. In general, this idea is aimed to help payment processes more rapid, easier while gaining the safety than ever in comparison with traditional shopping experiences.

First of all, the idea is the result from the partnership between Innisfree and the POSPi as well as the Bank of China. With this newly released technology, customers will be able to make purchases conveniently with their smart phones instead of waiting until their turns at cashier bar.

Every Innisfree staff will receive a scanning tool and they will take the responsibility of scanning the items that customers would like to purchase. Finally, the staff will scan the customers’ phones and complete the purchase.

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